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Amantii Electric Fireplaces

Amantii Electric Fireplaces is one of the leaders in the industry, crafting electric fireplace models for over a decade. With cutting-edge technology and a wide array of styles, Amantii stands out as the effortless choice for builders, architects, designers, and homeowners. Amantii Electric Fireplaces are ideal for various spaces, including homes, offices, restaurants, and commercial environments. Sleek, modern design and forward-thinking features make them Amantii Fireplaces a top pick. Whether you prefer wall-mounted, flush-mounted or traditional electric fireplaces, Amantii offers options to suit nearly every requirement. 

Amantii's design team strives to capture the latest in technology and styles to deliver a world-class electric fireplace. Realistic adjustable flames, different flame patterns, a variety of media options, and smart controls are featured in the most popular Amatii Fireplaces Series: Three Sided True View Series, Recessed Symmetry Series, Linear Panorama Series, Wall Mount/Flush Mount Series and TRD Traditional Electric Fireboxes. Today Amantii offers a wide variety of Electric Fireplace Products: Linear Wall Mount, Recessed and Built In Electric Fireplaces, Multi Side View Fireplaces and Electric Firebox Inserts for Indoor and Outdoor installations. 

Electric Fireplaces Depot is the Authorized Dealer / Representative of the Amantii Fireplaces. We guarantee the Best Pricing on all Amantii Electric Fireplace Models. Call us for the best current offers.1-800-309-2144 ext 1.